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THE-EMPLOYEES-STATE-INSURANCE-ACT-1948 - The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948

No. D-12/16/1/2017-E-VI-Vol-I


1. Ins. Commissioner (NTA) All Regional Directors/Jt. Directors In-charge

2. D(M)Delhi/ D(M) Noida! SSMC/M.S. of ESIC Model Hospitals/ODCs,

3. Director - V I Fin. & Ales. Hr. III, Hqrs. Office.

I am directed to state that as per Instruction No. D-12/16/1/2003-EVl dated 27/6/2008 under ESIC-PMS-2006, ESIC pensioners were given option to become member of the Scheme within a period of six months from the date of their retirement in place of three months-as

prescribed earlier.

Now, in exercise of Rule 9 of ESIC-PMS-2006, the Director General has approved the fa Hawing under the Scheme :

1. Pensioners can join ESIC-PMS, 2006 immediately on retirement or at any time thereafter.

2. Pensioners joining the Scheme sometime after retirement are not required 10 pay the contribution for the intervening period. However, in such cases they, shall be required to pay an admission tee of Rs. 30/-.

3. Similarly, pensioners who had discontinued their ESIC-PMS-2006 membership and want to be readmitted to the Scheme, shall not be required to pay the contribution for the intervening period, but a re-admission fee of Rs. 30/-.

Other terms and conditions for enrolment under the Scheme shall remain the same. The contents of this letter may be sent to all pensioners individually and the pensioners association of your region. This may also be uploaded on your website.

The receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ( Prabha Saini ) Asst. Director

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